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Islamic Numerology System

Islamic Numerology had been in practice for long time but on personal basis, the person should approach the Numerologist seeking solutions for their problem . this method is comprehensive and accurate and has 4 components and can be used for numerous things in life. such as Moving in to new house, starting a business, proposing to dream girl, patching up with a friend, seeking a loan or help from the Government, all these are possible to achieve with 100 percent success provided you initiate on the positive day, there are 1 positive day in every 9 days in a row or 3 positive days in a month, any body born with a different birth date can try on the particular day and would find the result amazing with 100 percent success. Every person are born with natural talent that is associated with his hidden element, this element is the instrument driving you through the positive ideas that would be realized according to your desire that is what called positive cycle. there is no inferior person or superior person, all has the various degree of knowledge , what is very important is the timing, ( the timing is positive cycle ) So any one who start his desire on positive cycle would certainly reap the benefit . So it is very simple to calculate the positive number. suppose you are leaving on business trip with an anticipation of big order from your your client, choose the day. like say 1-12-1431 = 13=4 ( 1+4 = 5 total 14 = 5 ) the 5 symbol of success and wealth, for political success please choose number 1. for harmonious living choose number 3 for house warming . for lasting relationship choose number 6 to register the marriage or conduct the nikkah . 1) According to this method your birth date is the reflection of your physical appearance and natural habits ( mother number ) 2) your combination number, ( your birth date month and year all added together ) is revealing about your ground or a role you suppose to play in this world. ( father number ) 3) your name number: this is very important as this have to be harmoniously aligned with your product number (hidden element ) in order to sail smoothly in life ( Destiny number ) 4) Now, the product number: this is your destiny or driving force of your inner self ( hidden element ) how you will find your product number. as you know every person are the product of A & B ( your parent ) so when you add your mother number ( date of Birth ) with your father number (Birth date and month and Year all Added ) you will get your own number , this is what you are, this is your hidden element that will guide you through the process of life. Therefore your name should be aligned with your hidden element. the calculation method are like this : suppose you born on 23-12- 2009 =19.EXAMPLE : Your birth number 23 : 2 + 3 = 5. is ( your mother number ) Your combination number 19 : 1+ 9 = 10 = 1 is ( your father number ) ( combination number . dd//mm//yy/ = )When you plus the both 5 + 1 = 6 :
 Yes , The number 6 is your own product and hidden element , Which will drive your life with a great force and influence . therefore when you choose a name , you have to align that with number 6 in order to have a smooth sailing:. As you know there is vowel and consonant: like example. the vowel may be 3 the consonant can be 8 your name number could be 31. when you plus these 3 components 3 + 8 + 31 = 42 = 6 CHOOSING A NAME.AS you know, there is vowel and CONSONANT in all language. in English E A I O U are vowel in TAMIL AH. EE. UO, AY, O. are vowel . in Arabic , see alpha numerical table.. So, you have to choose the ALPHA ( letters ) with vowel and consonant arriving to same as your product number. regardless of your name number . 1 - 5 - 7 = positive 2 - 4 - 8 = negative 3 - 6 - 9 = neutral . So, I call all of those interested to try and have a meaning full life , which you can control and achieve what ever your desire may be . my mail. salaamsuper8@gmail.comThanks. bye.
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This method is based on ISLAMIC HIJRI CALENDER (LUNAR CALENDER ) so, please before you start to calculate , convert your date of birth from gregorian calender to Islamic lunar calender,or contact us to convert to HIJRI . the importtant aspect of the Islamic calender is based with a natural phenomenon that can be assesed and measured, As in the AL Quran the Almighty claims that " We created manzils for the MOON to rest" this is to confirm the basic of calculation , You need the starting point and destination point to calculate anything like distance , speed, volume or AREA, that was why the second caliph of ISLAM the holy UMAR BIN KHATTAB invented and ordered this system to be implemented from the day of the HOLY PROPHETs journey from MECCA to Madina, which is called HIJRAH. this method is error free and comprehensive , So please remember to do the conversion before you proceed to read or calculate. tks, bye.To calculate your DOB in HIJRI calender please use this link to download HIJRI converterBy. Shaik. A. SalamWhat We Do!We help you re adjust your name to align harmoniously with your hidden element to have a positive vibration in order to sail smoothly in life. suppose your combination number may be 5, the suitable alignment is under number 1Call Us Today! at. salaamsuper8@gmail.comCopyright 2010 Islamic Numerology. All rights reserved.!


This Islamic numerology is very unique and comprehensive and error free system, one have to try in life to understand the order of the Almighty that treat every human and living things in equal manner and provide them according to their ability, He not favour any one with Money or punish any one by deprive them . He reward them for good deeds and forgive them for the sin they commit. the hardship in life is actually of your own doing , therefore if you align with your hidden element that would guide you with charactor and morality , which is aligned with your soul ( CREATOR ) if you follow the NAFFSU then you will have a earth quake and cyclone during the passage.

We can be at your service by providing a hormonious element number that align with your hidden element to sail smoothly in life and what ever profession you are doing .
Write to me with your DOB and time of your birth if possible, and your full name, nick name if any, importtantly your signature the most importtant aspect of Islamic Numerology is the signature ( Alpha ) Alpha is the fundemental of the SOUND ( Vibration )

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Elements of Number 1

Number 1 ( The element of : Rule - Authority - Justice ) 

those born under number 1 ( 1,10,19, 28.)Birth day, 1, 10 , 19, 28. 

people born under number 1 with combination of number 9 = 1. these people posses intellectual superiority and paramount of knowledge , they tend to be leaders. dominant arrogant and popular in either terms ( being liked or disliked ) very cunning and prepare everything behind the back and surprise the people with sudden execution of their ideas but live their life with so many enemies . mostly in government jobs , spy agencies, diplomatic circle and military, mostly their life would be ended in unnatural ways.

 People born under number 1 with combination of number 1 =2. 

these people strong minded but unstable , these people are subject to manipulation by WOMEN ( mother , sister .wife. or mistress ) they live under the influence of women , rise and fall also caused by the same, for the first 15 days they would be master of their own self but for the next 15 days. very confused and disoriented. they very interested in acting, play writing and drama, they are very capable of hiding their emotion but popular actors or comedian, they talk with a sound of fire crackers.

 those born under number 1 with combination of number 2 = 3. t

hese are the elegant with adorable character, soft humble with bit of girlish look in their physical appearance. most of them are degree holders and specialist in Banking , teaching profession and in business , they bound have a strong bonded family with minim of 3 children or more. they pay more attention to the family than anything else. 

those Born under number 1 with combination of number 3 = 4. 

these are the people try to regulate the society, strong willed and very organized, they treat every one with respect and equality talk loud about unfair treatment and assume the role on the behalf of others. mostly journalist , lawyers, activist . they do not save what ever they make in life . the children's always depend on mother for their need and support they would have quarrelsome family. 

those born under number 1 with a combination of number 4 = 5 . 

these are the people with blessed knowledge very quick minded, they will decide in matter of minuets, where as other people would take few days to decide, innovators , very talented, they finish any task faster than others, very successful in life, money is no problem . they would not sit idle always on the move. love to travel , strong love in nature and surroundings , very attractive , down to earth and easy going with any one. most of them have a very happy family. all of them in own business , they hate to work for others.

 those born under number 1 with combination of number 5 = 6. 

these people are very pleasant looking and they would get a wife richer than them self, enjoying live and spends money as there is no tomorrow, they mostly musicians,singers, poets with a lots of imaginary powers, they bound to have more than one women in their life and some day they will pay a heavy price for their affairs in the form of humiliation and insult. but they are very kind and generous to wards their friends and the people around them.

 those born under number 1 with a combination of number 6= 7. 

these are the smart religious snakes, they attribute everything to the GOD. mostly in preaching business , small built , these are the people use the name of GOD to influence others , in positive and negative manners, they would be in charge of aid agencies like orphanage, home for aged and etc, if they happened to head the powerful religious institution they will cause division in the society they belong or cause unrest with people of other faith.

 those born under number 1 with a combination number of 7 = 8 . 

these are the knowledge based , mostly in legal profession, criminal lawyers, police man, and the man of hates. they use their brain to punish others, and they enjoy the pain of others as a amusement. skillful and tall built, stone faced , irritative. quick to anger, rocky married life 9 people out of 10 would have a 2nd marriage.

 those born under number 1 with a combination number of 8 = 9. 

these people are persuasive, mostly in diplomatic circle, skillful negotiaters, mild mannered gentleman. best organizers they head the institutions for common good of the people, mostly in politics but these are the gentlemen who declares the war and satisfied with overwhelming devastation .By: Shaik A Salam . Copyright 2010 Islamic Numerology. All rights reserved.

Elements of Number 2

The element of Number 2 ( Shadow - Reflection - pessimism )      

              The quality of those born under number 2. ( 2,11,20,29 )


                     those born under number 2 with a combination number of 8 + 2 = 1 these people are moody at all times and they are self centered, laugh is a medicine, they do not wish to mix with others except to get things done or instigating others against somebody they does not like, always complaining about others ,envy , jealous and bad mouthing is the ritual , they do not enjoy the life


 those born under number 2 with a combination number of 8 =1.

these people are moody at all times and they are self centered, laugh is a medicine, they do not wish to mix with others except to get things done or instigating others against somebody they does not like, always complaining about others ,envy , jealous and bad mouthing is the ritual , they do not enjoy the life

 those born under number 2 with combination number of 9 = 2.

 these are the super negative , simply a living dead. no friends, even if they have one ,they will drive them crazy with their irritative behavior, any simple task would be considered to be a problem and burden, problem any thing is a problem for them , they always imagine things in negative prospective , and they generous with a new friends .


 those born under number 2 with combination number of 1= 3.

 these people has a nice physical appearance, calm and wiser, they with less friends but approachable, they enjoy writing story books, and some are famous play writers , actors , comedian and magicians, they will take pain to make others laugh but they laugh very less always in deep thoughts imagining things or fearing about things may happen in their life. 

those born under number 2 with a combination number of 2 =4.

 these people with a stone face always looks sad but they would be easy going with others sharing their ideas and experience, they advise others in a way to be extra careful, like discouraging . they like to be in printing, writing for journals , lawyers not well known, taking things as it is , they bound to go along with life submitting them to the fate.


 those born under number 2 with a combination number of 3= 5. 

these are the people a jewel among the number 2, very successful lawyers, play writers , artist ,they use their own negative thoughts in to productive manner to guide others ,and advise others about the experiences of their own , they mostly interested in mediating or counseling to get the parties to reconcile or help them to start a fresh, very mild mannered and pleasant character.


 those born under number 2 with a combination number of 4 = 6. 

these are the noble, always barking at the wrong tree with wrong reasons. making their own definition and telling others are wrong, they spend their energy promoting social ills against the social norms, they will championing the welfare of criminals . very loud and challenging but without substance confused and reserved dejection is their life style.


 those born under number 2 with a combination number of 5 = 7. 

these are the generous well intended people , always strive to be the best in helping people , organizing charities , raising funds to help those in need and practice heart to GOD hand to man , realistic and approachable , pleasant and greeting others, with strong religious tendencies , community workers volunteers some are very strong promoters of women right and successful lawyers promoting women welfare. 


those born under number 2 with a combination number of 6 = 8 . 

these people are weird in nature , very pretty with mix of man and girlish appearance. like to dress as a women vise versa , always attracted to the weird experiments, tall but very weak minded. very flashy in style and dressing, moving hands and body while talking or doing things, very materialistic, stingy, they will be re married due to a problem with a spouse.


those born under number 2 with a combination number of 7 = 9 . 

these are the cunning salesman , very diplomatic in expression projecting as a total gentleman they always move with a personel motive. clever in persuading others and uses the religion as a tool to gain money and power , very cruel would not give up until seeing the blood, they satisfy them self by seeing the suffering of those they does not like. By: Shaik A Salam .Copyright 2010 Islamic Numerology. All rights reserved.

Elements of Number 3

Quality of number 3. such 3,12,21, 30. ( The elements of : ( Knowledge - Nobel - elegance )

 those born under number 3 with combination number of 7 = 10=1 these people have a vast knowledge in religious matter, they apply religion in every aspect of their life. very strong in faith they practice and propagate their religion in new dimension , using research and tactics such as meditation , and applying various type to binding other people . their life would be very progressive in early part but difficulties in later, they like to work for religious institution or they can be astrologer palmistry and priest.


 those born under number 3 with combination number of 8=11=2 . 

these are the people use their knowledge to lecture other people but not for them , lazy, no initiative or commitment, some are abnormal interested in weird culture , some will be excited seeing fire and they get aroused , some how they will do something against rule or law or they instigate others to do the same, simply a crook in a long sleeve with a neck tie, mostly self made lawyers , professors with out degree.


 those born under number 3 with combination number of 9= 12=3. 

these people with a strong brain power and physical power, they looks like tower and a cool Joe. very scheming and clever manipulator of events in to their favor, master of organizing , most of them has a perfect knowledge in psychology, good communicator, they master of persuading the people to support their causes and instigate masses against the government or institutions . 


those born under number 3 with a combination number of 1= 4.

 these are people with sense to serve the community. very orderly, commitment to the masses, they either work in civil service or they head uniformed institutions like hospitals, police, fire service, legal service, respectable, always strive to extra mile to help people stuck with a problem , adorable character, calm and confident but bit of stingy and selfish. 


those born under number 3 with combination number of 2 = 5.

 these people are mostly in teaching. such as kindergarten , primary and secondary schools, they frequently raise alarms about anything other people are doing, meddling or interfering in other peoples affairs , trying all the time to advise people about things, bit irritative but with good intention, some how they will lead a nice and fruitful life.

 those born under number 3 with combination number of 3 = 6.

 these people are born with very elegant look, charming others with smile and beauty. mostly all are educated with college degree and work in educational institution or running a training institute, pleasant people always willing to help siblings and they will be the eldest son or daughter in family , they assume responsibility for the well being of the young. very thrifty and well organized budget and finance and mostly all of them are man of the word and trustable and would get wife or husband more richer than them self . 


those born under number 3 with a combination number of 4 = 7. 

these people are perfect religious gentleman , wiser, always mindful of their word and mild mannered. they very much interested to help people ,which they consider a duty and obligation to the GOD rather pushing or propagating their faith, with lots of well wishers and respected community leader most of them are in non profit help agencies. 


those born under number 3 with a combination number of 5 = 8 .

 these people are born with talent, they master any thing much faster than others, very jovial and noisy , accompanied all the time by others and has tremendous brain power and memory, but bit of carelessness and jump from one project to other before completing the first one and less organized and lack of concentration. late marriage and problems in later part of life even a divorce and remarriage. 


those born under number 3 with a combination number of 6 = 9 .

 these people are elegant gentleman and perfect crook, they run the life, like eye for an eye , professional in legal matters , talking sweet and deliver hard blow , very clever to out wit the opponent and always engage in argument with others over petty things, and boasting, i am right at all times, very prone to injury by accident and fight . irritative and unlikeableBy: Shaik A Salam . 

Elements of Number 4

Number 4 . ( The element of : ( Assertive - power - Regulator )


those born under number 4 ( such as 4,13,22,31. ) 

those born under number 4 with a combination number of 6= 10= 1. these people are morally up righted with good conduct and character, very knowledgeable , in civil service, journalist , lawyers , very good writers they bound make their presence felt by others and respected . they easily bring others in to their command , but disliked by the people with a different ideas and they face challenges and criticisms very often and subjected to personal insult by their enemies. 


those born under number 4 with a combination number of 7 = 11=2.

 these are people with a lots of enemies , they are very bold and aggressive , they raise frequent objection for anything they do not agree with . dull looking face without a expression , they would have nice family but they do not enjoy the company of their wife and children as they think they are not appreciative toward them. negative thoughts with a strong mind, always in deep thoughts and wish to be alone.


 those born under number 4 with combination number of 8 =12 = 3. 

these are people with manipulative knowledge, a Jewish carpenter in nature, they use the opportunity to maximize their profit, loan shark , money lenders . without any grace or feeling to wards fellow humans , intimidating with strong physical features , cunning smile and persuasive, money is ultimate goal .problem in marriage , separation and divorce.


those born under number 4 with a combination number of 9 =13 = 4. 

these are the people with loud voice but diplomatic , smart gentleman who will agree with anything on face to face but organize a different opinion behind the back of others and undermine them. untestable or reliable, simply a elusive snake in nature , politician with a motive to personnel gain , physically thin built but with strong in mentally . selfish minded. 


those born under number 4 with a combination number of 1 = 5.

 these are people with extra ordinary mind , very very talented professional in legal profession , political leaders , chairman of big corporation and very successful business man with money and power . very interested work in uniform. loving father with discipline , who will pay a good attention upbringing the children to carry along the pride of his achievements. proud and bit arrogant in nature but man of the word .


those born under number 4 with combination number of 2 = 6. 

these people are born to quarrel for anything , even when people tell them you are so nice , they shoot back like , so you think i am very bad . quarrel some , irritative ,busy body, in journalism writing to provoke people or criticizing for no reason, pretty mostly in media sector, the spouse will pray not to get a person like them in the next birth. nice events or family gathering would end up in a sour note because of their bad mouth and rowdy behavior. those born under number 4 with a combination number of 3 = 7. these are the people with innocent look and with a sense of service to the society, even though they are not so rich but trying to get help from others to help other , devotion to GOD by helping or running agencies that provides help to the poor. their knowledge in religion would make them less interested in worldly affairs and always very contended in life, blessed with many children's. the life would be a roller coaster .


 those born under number 4 with a combination number of 4 = 8. 

these are the people , came to be victimized ,they will be punished for no crime , sacked or ridiculed for speaking their mind , always disliked for no reasons. they work efficiently and dedicated but the reward would goes to somebody else . very strong mentally and physically, most of them work as secretary or a clerk and some work as wrestlers ,boxers , bodyguards. simply a people in the cage.


 those born under number 4 with a combination number of 5 = 9.

 these are the people, the best among number 4 , very talented with quick mind ,educated with a degree mostly in engineering related to power generating industry, like petrochemical , electricity and etc. very calculative with money and stingy for them self but very generous to wards the family , they come from large family at least with 3 siblings or more, tall built with humble look and pleasant smile. they would have successful and happy life.
 By: Shaik A Salam .
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